When JIRA applications are connected to Bitbucket or GitHub accounts: 

Read more about integrating JIRA Software with Atlassian development tools: Streamlining your development with JIRA Cloud.

You can connect  or GitHub accounts with JIRA applications using the free JIRA DVCS Connector add-on. This add-on comes bundled with JIRA Software. For JIRA Server versions earlier than 7.0, this is a system add-on that you can install. For more details, see Linking Bitbucket Cloud and GitHub accounts to JIRA Software.


  • The Bitbucket links feature offers a similar functionality for JIRA Software  and other services.
  • If you want to report a new issue, provide feedback, or require help, please raise a request in the issue tracker for JIRA DVCS Connector project. 

Current limitations of this feature

The following limitations exist for this feature: