Adding a contact to existing licenses

To add additional contacts to existing licenses, follow steps 1 & 2 below, to add a new primary contact, follow through to step 3:

  1. Ask the existing contact to log into account (email address = Atlassian account)
  2. Make sure the license window is expanded in the product details pane. Add your new email address or that of the new contact into the technical and/or billing contact field. If the new user does not already exist in the system, you will be prompted to enter a few minor details.
  3. Next, designate the new email address as the primary contact by selecting "Make Primary" next to their name. You'll then have the ability to remove yourself as a contact. Remove any retired contact(s) by clicking "Delete" next to their information. 

Please note:

  • If you are listed as the primary contact, only you have the ability to remove yourself from access to the license key. The primary contacts for the licenses cannot be removed by secondary users. Secondary users can promote themselves to primary however.
  • To change your general information (company name, address, etc.) click on the "My Profile" tab in the navigation bar. More details can be found on the Account Management page.
Last modified on Feb 22, 2017

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