Are there any applicable taxes?

Atlassian is an Australia-based company. As such, Atlassian must collect GST from all Australia-based customers. As of 01 July 2012, Atlassian will collect VAT from customers within the European Union who have not supplied a valid VAT ID, in accordance with EU tax legislation.

Quotes generated via our Quote & Order Form will state the applicable tax in US dollars for Australian customers and for those EU customers who have not supplied a valid VAT ID number. Please email contact us with your VAT ID and quote number if you would like to apply a VAT ID to an existing quote.  

You can update your My.Atlassian Account Profile to include your VAT ID number to prevent being charged VAT on future orders. To do this, log into your account and click on the "Profile" tab in the navigation bar. Enter your VAT Number in the Organization Information section and click "Save."

Please note: for customers in the European Union, the equivalent tax in Euros  will be displayed on the final invoice, which is issued upon receipt of payment in full. Similarly, for customers located in Australia, the tax conversion rate will be displayed on the Tax Invoice, which is issued upon receipt of payment in full.

Tax Treaties: As an Australian company, Atlassian is exempt from withholding taxes in some countries like the United States. For compliance reasons, U.S. customers may wish to obtain a copy of the W-8BEN form; or, for non-U.S. customers, the Australian Taxation Office Certificate of Residency for Atlassian.

Prices may be affected by organizations based in countries that do not have an income tax treaty with Australia and are therefore required to impose withholding taxes. If this applies to you, Australian taxation law requires us to provide proof of tax withheld. As such, we will require documentation from you which states the amount of tax withheld (your tax office should be able to supply the relevant documents). Please contact our sales team to discuss the potential implications.

Last modified on Aug 1, 2016

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