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Atlassian downloaded licenses are licensed differently from Atlassian Cloud instances. For information on starter licenses, please see our Starter License section. 


By purchasing an Atlassian downloaded commercial/academic license, you can:

    • deploy a single instance in a production environment on one server
    • use your license in perpetuity 
    • take advantage of software maintenance, including all updates and online support, for twelve months from the date of payment 
    • access full source code for JIRA, JIRA Agile, Confluence, Bamboo, Crowd, Stash, and the SharePoint Connector. (JSP source code is provided to Crucible and FishEye holders; full source is not available due to embedded code that Atlassian cannot expose.)

Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Cloud is licensed per-user, per-product. There are two product families - JIRA and Confluence - and your instance can employ one or both.

There are certain user/product dependencies and technical requirements present. Please read on and contact us if you have any questions

    • Confluence may be purchased standalone or integrated with a JIRA family purchase.
      • If you elect to evaluate or use JIRA with your Confluence installation, you will not have the option to later remove JIRA.   JIRA should only be selected if you intend to continue using it.
      • If you elect to evaluation just Confluence, you will not have the option to evaluate any JIRA family of products.  If you are interested in evaluating
    • While the user tiers for JIRA and Confluence do not need to match, any JIRA or Confluence Add-Ons (JIRA Agile, Team Calendars, JIRA Capture, Gliffy) must be purchased in a user count matching the host product (JIRA or Confluence).
    • Google Apps integration is available only with JIRA-family purchases. Confluence standalone does not currently support Google Apps integration.

Atlassian University

Users must sign up using a company email domain. Any user who has completed 1 or more lesson per course will count towards the license total for their company. For example, if a user has access to the JIRA course and the Confluence course, but has only completed JIRA lessons, that user will have used a JIRA license, but not a Confluence license. Once a company has used all purchased licenses, no new users will be allowed to sign up.

Last modified on Aug 1, 2016

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