How are Marketplace add-ons reviewed?

Atlassian checks the entries in the Atlassian Marketplace to ensure the information provided is complete as possible. However, we do not actively monitor or guarantee any code posted in this space. If you find dangerous or malicious code posted here, please contact us immediately.

Once installed, add-ons have great power inside the application. Sometimes they can cause performance or other problems, so it's important that you learn all you can about an add-on before installing it by looking for the reviews that other users have written or checking the number of downloads to see how popular it is. You can also:

  • see how frequently an add-on is released
  • investigate screen shots or video to check functionality
  • review end user agreements (EUAs)
  • visit the website of the add-on vendor and review any support materials available

If you suspect an add-on is causing a problem in your Atlassian application, try disabling the add-on to see if the problem goes away.

Last modified on Aug 1, 2016

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