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Users are named, not concurrent. A user is defined as an accounts with permission to log into the application. A named user with this permission is counted towards the user limit, whether logged in to the application or not. If you are using a product add-on, it will share users with the host product. 

Unlimited anonymous users are permitted on all licenses. Use with caution: anonymous users can be given any permission that a logged-in user can be given. If not configured properly, you may lose the audit trail within your application.


A Bamboo Agent is a service that provides capabilities to run job builds. There are two types of Bamboo agents:

  1. Local agents run as part of the Bamboo server.
  2. Remote agents run on computers, other than the Bamboo server, that run the remote agent tool. An elastic agent is a remote agent that runs in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Local agents run in the server's process, i.e. in the same JVM as the server. Each remote agent runs in its own process, i.e. has its own JVM.

Each agent has a defined set of capabilities and can only run builds for jobs whose requirements match the agent's capabilities.


A Clover machine is defined as a single physical computer or virtual appliance used to instrument source code or generate coverage reports, including interactive reports via the GUI or plugins.


Last modified on Aug 1, 2016

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