How can I change the billing and technical contacts for my Atlassian products?

To change a billing or technical contact, any existing billing and technical contacts will follow these steps:

  1. Log into your existing My.Atlassian account with your Atlassian account.

2. Click the 'Expand' arrow on the Atlassian product you want to change; your account management screen will display.

3. In the technical and/or billing email field enter in the new contact's address and click "Add."  If the account does not exist you will be prompted to enter a few details.

As a primary contact they will be able to:

  • Access orders and invoices created from the date they are added
  • Promote other users to be primary contact

4a. This step is important - If the new contact shares the same email domain as the existing primary, you will be able to instantly promote the new contact by selecting "Make Primary". This functionality excludes publicly shared domains, such as emails ending in "".

4b. If you are adding a contact from a different or public email domain, they will need to log into their own My.Atlassian account and promote themselves by selecting "Make Primary" . If they do not yet have a password, they can follow the Forgot Password link to generate one.

5. To remove retired contact(s) click the Delete link, this will remove the product from their My.Atlassian account.

Repeat the above steps for all products being removed from the original account. The new contacts will now be able to view the products when they log into their My Atlassian account.

If you do not have access to the license details via My Atlassian, please contact our Sales Team.


Last modified on Sep 11, 2017

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