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How to create a Developer license:  

Commercial and academic license owners (i.e. not Starter licenses or free license holders) are entitled to free developer licenses for use in cold standby, development or testing servers. The billing or technical contact for the license can generate a developer key by following these steps:

  1. Log in to My Atlassian
2. Click the '+' sign of your Atlassian product, your account management screen will display.
3. In the Actions section click "View Developer License."
4. Review the Developer License agreement.
5. Finally click "View" to agree. A license key will be presented. Copy and paste this key into your development server.
Additional information:
  • You may generate more than one license key if running multiple pre-production, e.g. development, testing, and QA, servers.

  • These licenses are not for production use, which would violate Atlassian's [End User License Agreement](

  • The licenses are perpetual with access to software updates during the same maintenance period as the associated commercial/academic license.

  • Please note: $10 Starter Licenses do not include access to Developer Licenses.  Starter License holders can use our evaluation license to test upgrades or purchase a second Starter License.





Last modified on Aug 1, 2016

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