How can I update the contact information for my account or add new contacts for my Atlassian products?

Atlassian account holders can update the name, phone number, organization name, address and tax ID number on their accounts at any time by logging into Click on the "Profile" tab in the navigation bar, enter the new information, and click "Save."

Because Atlassian account names are based on user email addresses, it is not possible to change the email address on an account.  However, you can move the existing licenses or Atlassian Cloud subscriptions to a new account with a new email address, or add new contacts to any existing licenses or Atlassian Cloud subscriptions.  To move a product to a new account or add new contacts to an existing license or subscription, please use follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your existing My Atlassian account using your Atlassian account (this will be the email that you've been receiving billing / technical notifications to.)
  2. Click on the '>' sign for the subscription you'd like to make changes to - this will display the license management screen. 
  3. In the Technical and/or Billing email field, enter the email address for your new contact and click "Add".  You'll be prompted to enter some additional information if an account does not already exist. 
  4. To make the newly added user a primary contact, select "Make Primary". If the option is greyed out, the new contact will need to login to their own account and select "Make Primary" themselves.
  5. Click "Delete" next to a information to remove 

Repeat the above steps for all products being removed from the original account. New users will now have access to the products when they log into their accounts. Please note that you will need to log out of the existing account and log in to the new account in order to access your license keys under the new account.

If you do not have access to the license details via, please contact our Sales Team



Last modified on Feb 22, 2017

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