How do I add or decrease users?

Atlassian Cloud applications are licensed on a tiered, per-application basis. When you need to change the number of users that need access to an application, you can reconfigure your subscription accordingly. To add or decrease users, please follow the instructions below:

For Monthly Cloud accounts:

  1. To create users, go to Settings > User management in your cloud site. You must be in the 'site-admins' group to manage users in the cloud.
  2. Click on the Users tab to carry out your management tasks. 
  3. Click on "Create Users" to add the new user details to your instance. 
  4. You can then proceed to the "Application Access" tab to add this new user to your product group (e.g. "JIRA")
  5. Confirm your new user tier in the "Billing – Overview". If you have moved up to the next user tier with the addition of this new user, you will see your new renewal cost reflected here. 

If you use Google Apps to manage users, see Managing users and groups with Google Apps for more information.

  1. To delete or deactivate users, go to SettingsUser management in your cloud site. You must be in the 'site-admins' group to manage users in the cloud.
  2. Click on the Users tab and search for the user you wish to delete or deactivate. 
  3. Click on the user's "Name" and set the user to "inactive" or fully delete this contact. Both actions will prevent this user from being counted towards your user tier. 

For Annual Cloud accounts:

  1. Determine the User Tier in which you need to upgrade to. You can find all available User Tiers on the Atlassian webpage.
  2. Contact our Customer Advocate Team via our Contact Form, and a member of our Team will create a prorated upgrade quote
  3. Once payment has been processed, the additional User Seats will become available

Please note: If you are decreasing your user tier, the change will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle. No credit is offered for decreasing your user tier prior to the end of a billing cycle.

To learn more about managing users and application access in the cloud, please refer to Managing users and groups in the Cloud documentation space.


Last modified on May 2, 2017

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