How does the $10 FishEye Starter License differ from the FishEye 10 user license? What should I do if my user or repository needs change?


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The $10 Starter License for FishEye is restricted to no more than 10 committers total per repository and five repositories, whereas a FishEye 10 User commercial license has unlimited repositories and unlimited committers per repository.

What do I do if I've got more than five repositories?

In this case, FishEye will prevent more than five repositories from being enabled at any given time. Administrators can control which five repositories are enabled. If you have started with more than five repositories, FishEye will only start indexing on the first five repositories. An administrator can use admin UI to adjust which repositories are enabled and hence control the five repositories that are started. FishEye should then be restarted.

What happens when FishEye identifies the 11th unique committer?

For all SCMs other than CVS, FishEye will index all revisions up to, but not including, the revision that introduced the 11th committer. Since CVS indexing is file-by-file based, FishEye will index files until it reaches the committer limit. Remaining files in the repository are not indexed. This means that only files which have been indexed will be displayed in changesets, which may be incomplete. If you've started with more than 10 committers, FishEye will display all information currently indexed, but for each repository that has reached the ten committer limit, no further revisions will be indexed.

How can I upgrade from Starter if my indexing has been paused?

On restart of FishEye, indexing will resume for all repositories. Each repository can restarted individually to avoid restarting FishEye. Due to the nature of CVS indexing, we recommend reindexing any CVS repositories which have reached the committer limit prior to the license upgrade. You can restart repositories individually in order to index repositories that were ignored under the Starter License.

 What happens to existing repositories when I downgrade to a Starter License?

As described above, a maximum of five repositories will start and for any repository with more than 10 committers, no further indexing will occur. The remainder will not start but will continue to be available.

Last modified on Aug 1, 2016

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