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What's this all about?

Atlassian wants to take an active role in enabling entrepreneurial companies to take their ideas from concept to launch. We believe in having the Atlassian tool set at the disposal of every entrepreneur, without the high price tag of traditional tools. For this reason, we offer small teams the opportunity to grow starting at $10/product.

An Atlassian Starter license entitles you to:

  • A perpetual, fully-functional license for the install/download version
  • 12 months of software maintenance
  • Maintenance for $10/year (support is available exclusively in the Atlassian Community).
  • Commercial use on a single server
  • Access to product source code for JIRA, JIRA Agile, Confluence, Bamboo, Crowd, Stash, and the SharePoint Connector. (JSP source code is provided to Crucible and FishEye holders; full source is not available due to embedded code that Atlassian cannot expose.) 

Please note that starter licenses cannot be combined to create custom user tiers. You must purchase a new commercial or academic license if you need additional users.

Which version of the software do I need?

Starter licenses require that you use this software version or higher:


Minimum Version
JIRA 4.0
Confluence 3.0
Bamboo 2.4
FishEye 2.0.5
Crucible 2.3.6
Stash 1.0
JIRA Agile 4.0
Team Calendar 1.0
Crowd 2.0

What's in it for me?

Karma and swag!

Atlassian donates 100% of the proceeds from starter licenses to Room to Read. Room to Read has established over 7,000 libraries and constructed over 750 schools in developing nations.  

Setting up the integrated suite of all six Starter Licenses will give you awesome results, but we know that the setup procedure can be long and difficult. We have put together these instructions for integrating a suite of Atlassian applications called The Dragon's Lair. We're also offering a limited edition Atlassian Dragon Slayer t-shirt for all those who complete this harrowing and awesome journey! Start your quest today! Meet the dragon if you dare!
Last modified on Nov 9, 2017

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