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By default, requests are between the customer reporting an issue and the agent resolving that issue; however, we have a few different options for agents and customers who need to involve other people in their requests. 

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Add customers

You can include customers other than the reporter of an issue to ask them for more information or keep them updated on the issue. In JIRA Service Desk, we call these additional customers request participants.

Request participants can add comments and attachments to a request, and receive the same notifications from JIRA Service Desk as the reporter. Participants can easily see who else is involved in a request both on the Customer Portal and in email notifications. This makes it possible for them to work from their inbox. They can also add more participants. 

Note that involving people in a request does not bypass issue-level security. If issue-level security (e.g. restricting an issue to only be viewable by the reporter) has been applied, participants may not be able to access their requests. Service desk administrators can refer to the instructions in Configuring Issue-level Security to revise or delete an existing issue security scheme.

To add request participants on an issue:

  1. Navigate to an issue.
  2. In the People section of the issue, add users to the Request participants field. 
    You can only add existing customers on the service desk.

If customers need to add participants via the Customer Portal, they can do so by selecting Add people. Service desk administrators can enable or disable this functionality. See Managing customers for more information. 

To add request participants via email: 

If you are creating or responding to a request via email, add a request participant's email address to the CC field. The participant must have an existing JIRA Service Desk account to be added to the request. Note that email recipients in the TO and BCC fields will not be added as request participants. 

About request participants

Request participants will receive an email notifying them that they have been added. All customers, including the reporter, will appear in the People involved section of the request on the Customer Portal.

Screenshot: Customers see who's involved in a request on the portal in the 'People involved' section

Screenshot: Notification details showing all the participants

Add internal users

To involve internal users such as other agents or collaborators in an issue, for analyzing a bug in an application as an example, you can mention them in a comment or add them as a watcher. They will then receive a notification from JIRA about the issue and can then communicate with you internally about the issue.

For more information, see Emailing an Issue and Watching and Voting on an Issue in the JIRA documentation. 

Last modified on Sep 9, 2015

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