Configuring the customer portal

Your service desk project comes with a customizable customer-facing site (what we call the Customer Portal) where your service desk customers can submit and track requests. Customer Portals for multiple service desk projects can be accessed in the global help center. 

In your service desk project, select the Customer Portal link at any time to check out what your customers see when they want to contact your team:

If you have linked your project to a Confluence space, customers can also use this portal to search for help in relevant knowledge base articles before filing a request.

On this page:

You must be a JIRA Service Desk Administrator or Project Administrator for this service desk project to make the following changes.

Setting up requests types

You can create and edit the request types that customers will fill out on the customer portal in Settings > Request types

Each service desk request type (e.g. Get wi-fi access) is based on a JIRA issue type (e.g. Access), as explained in How JIRA and JIRA Service Desk Work Together. You can organize your request types into groups (e.g. Access requests), which appear as tabs on the Customer Portal. To learn more about setting up request types and organizing request types into groups, check out Configuring request types and workflows.

Branding your portal

You can customize your Customer Portal to reflect your team and company's brand with the following two steps: 

  1. In Settings > Portal settings, add a portal logo and a short description to familiarize customers with your service desk:
  2. Follow the link (or select  > Add-ons > JIRA Service Desk Configuration) to brand your Customer Portal header in a live preview mode. The header and branding changes made here apply to all service desk project portals and the global help center:

Managing access to your portal

You can open up access to your customer portal to allow new customers to create an account and submit a request for your team. If you don't want to have an open portal, you can restrict access to: 

  • Customers who have an existing account for any other JIRA or service desk project
  • Customers who appear specifically on your service desk project's customer list 

For more information about opening or restricting your portal, see Opening up or restricting access to your service desk.

Viewing all portals in your Help Center

If your company uses multiple service desk projects (e.g. an IT service desk and an office administration service desk), you can simply provide your customers with a single URL to find a list of all the customer portals they have access to and the requests created in each one: 


The URL you provide will send customers to what we call the Help Center. The Help Center displays all customer portals generated by service desk projects in a single instance of JIRA Service Desk, as well as the header you previously branded:

To make any changes to the header, or to update the name of your help center, proceed to  > Add-ons > JIRA Service Desk Configuration.

Last modified on May 21, 2015

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