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Your teams will spend the majority of their time working out of the queues you set up. Agents do not have the permissions to add new queues or configure existing ones; however, JIRA Service Deskqueues allow you to automatically triage and prioritize issues for them. If you want your team to focus on requests that must be completed by next week, for example, you can set up a queue that only contains requests with a set due date in that week.

Your instance comes with preconfigured queues (e.g. "Unassigned issues"), but let's go ahead and create three new queues for your team: 

  1. Click the Queues tab and then select New Queue
  2. Name your first new queue "Access requests".
  3. Define the issues you want to appear in this queue by selecting the following drop-down menus: Type (select "Access"); Status (select "Waiting for IT Team"), and Resolutions (select "Unresolved"): 
  4. Select the following columns names that will display in this queue from the More menu: "Key", "Summary", "Created", "Updated", and "Due Date". You can reorder the columns by dragging the name (e.g. "Key") across the column field. Drag "Key" so that it is displayed in the second column: 
  5. Click Create to add this queue to your team's workspace.
  6. Create two new queues with the following two search queries:

    "Completed purchases" for purchase requests that have been successfully resolved

    "Due this week" for requests that must be completed in the next week
  7. Reorder your saved queues by clicking and dragging them as shown:







You now have three new queues in your project! You will next learn how to add agents to your instance, so you can get your teams up and running with JIRA Service Desk. 

Last modified on May 12, 2015

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