Opening up or restricting access to your service desk

When you set up your service desk project, one aspect to consider is accessibility, or who can access your service desk and create requests. Depending on whom your team is servicing, you can open your service desk up to everyone or restrict it to a specific list of customers. 

When to open your service desk

As an example, an IT service desk is usually open to all the employees in an organization and everyone can access it and create requests. In this open service desk scenario, customers can create an account on the Customer Portal or email requests to your service desk email channel to have an account created automatically. Note that your JIRA administrator must first enable public signup

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This page applies to the version 2 license.

All purchases of JIRA Service Desk made on and after 10 September 2014 are on the version 2 license, i.e. the new pricing model. For instructions on user management for version 1 license, see Setting up users with the version 1.x pricing.

When to restrict your service desk

In comparison, for a service desk that handles contractors' leave requests, you might want to make it only available to your contractors so that the rest of your staff do not get confused about where to put in leave requests. Service desks like this one are restricted service desks and only customers you invite can create requests.

Change your restricted access settings

  1. In your service desk project, go to People > Customers.
  2. On the right-hand side of the page, select Restricted access
  3. Select the setting for your service desk as needed. 
  4. For restricted service desks, add your customers to your customer list so that they can create requests successfully. 
    To do this, use the Invite customers button on the Customers page.  
Last modified on Mar 9, 2015

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