Set up your service desk


Let's get your service desk ready to use by setting you up with a JIRA Service DeskCloud site. Cloud is our hosted offering and will allow you to set up your own site without installing a thing! 

If you have arrived here from the Atlassian Cloud tutorial, skip ahead to create a service desk project.

If your administrator has set you up as a project admin for an existing project, jump to Step 2 to create your request types.


Sign up for a JIRA Service Desk site 

Signing up for JIRA Service Desk Cloud will provide you with a fully-functional JIRA Service Desk site for one month.

  1. Open this link in a new tab to view the signup page directly: 
  2. Follow the signup form steps to enter your site URL and admin username. 
  3. Once you have completed the signup process, grab a quick coffee (or tea, if that's your preference) — it will take about 10 minutes for your JIRA Service Desk Cloud site to be created. You will receive an email when your site is ready.

Can't use Cloud?

If you cannot use JIRA Service Desk Cloud, instructions for installing JIRA Service Desk Server are available below.

Create a project

JIRA Service Desk uses JIRA projects as the basis for the service desks you create. You can set up separate projects for teams that have different configuration requirements and request types. Let's get you set up with one project for a team managing office administration requests. 

  1. Click the link from your Welcome email to set your administrator password and log into your new site.

  2. Click Service Desk in the top navigation bar of your site and select "Create a Service Desk". 

  3. Select "New Service Desk Project". Choose a name and key for your project and click Create:

  4. Click Get started on the Welcome to JIRA Service Desk page. You will be led through a quick interactive product tour. 

  5. Come back to this tutorial when you have landed on this screen in your service desk site: 








Nice work! You now have a service desk site with one project. You will now learn to set up request types, which define the requests customers can submit to your team's service desk project. 

Last modified on Apr 30, 2015

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