Setting up service desks for your projects

Use the following information to set up JIRA Service Desk. Some of the settings can only be modified by JIRA administrators, for example changing notifications. Service desk administrators (i.e. project administrators) can modify the other project settings for their individual service desks.

Automating your service desk

Configuring request types and workflows

JIRA Service Desk provides a set of default request types that are configured for basic IT help desk scenarios. You can configure the default request types or add new ones to suit the needs of your customers and team. Request types can be organized into groups to help customers find the request they need on the Customer Portal.

Configuring the customer portal

Your service desk project comes with a customizable customer-facing site (what we call the Customer Portal) where your service desk customers can submit and track requests. Customer Portals for multiple service desk projects can be accessed in the global help center.

Configuring JIRA Service Desk notifications

By default, when an request is created through the customer portal, JIRA Service Desk overwrites the project's JIRA notification scheme and suppresses emails that would be sent to the reporter by the notification scheme. 

Opening up or restricting access to your service desk

Receiving requests by email

If your customers prefer to open and work on requests from the comfort of their email inboxes, you can enable email requests to gather these requests in JIRA Service Desk. No need to make your team keep track of email requests and service desk requests separately! Here's how it works:

JIRA Service Desk permissions

_JIRAServiceDesk provides a standard permission scheme (JIRA Service Desk Permission scheme for [project]) that automatically gives your _JIRAServiceDesk users the correct permissions for the project role they are in.

Last modified on Jul 28, 2014

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