Valiantys VertygoSLA powers JIRA Service Desk SLAs

We are happy to announce that Atlassian has acquired VertygoSLA from Valiantys. VertygoSLA is a leading add-on for JIRA in the Atlassian Marketplace that allows organisations to track their service level agreements (SLAs) for acknowledgement times or resolution times.

VertygoSLA is incorporated into JIRA Service Desk, the latest service desk offering from Atlassian. Most of the features in VertygoSLA will continue to be available in JIRA Service Desk, but redesigned with a completely new, streamlined user interface that closely integrates service level agreements with the rest of the JIRA Service Desk offering. With the power of VertygoSLA, JIRA Service Desk allows you to set up advanced SLA metrics, report on performance in real-time and drive your team forward with highly visible SLA priorities.

VertygoSLA will no longer be offered for sale separately from 2nd October 2013.

Already a VertygoSLA customer?

We have got you covered. As a valued customer of Valiantys VertygoSLA, we want to ensure that you continue to be as successful in using JIRA as you possibly can. All customers who hold an active VertygoSLA license will be eligible to obtain a free license for JIRA Service Desk at the same user tier as the VertygoSLA license.

To benefit from this promotion, please contact our sales team at before the 28th Feburary 2014.

Alternatively, you can continue to use VertygoSLA. Valiantys will continue to support VertygoSLA until 2nd October 2015. All VertygoSLA customers are eligible to renew their VertygoSLA licenses through to a maximum end date of 2nd October 2015.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the license promotion?

If you have an active VertygoSLA license as at 2nd October 2013, you will be eligible to obtain JIRA Service Desk for free. Please contact before 28th February 2014.


How long will the maintenance on my JIRA Service Desk license be?

The JIRA Service Desk license will have the maintenance expiry date as your current VertygoSLA license. You can renew your JIRA Service Desk license at the end of the maintenance period.


Do I need to purchase a new JIRA Service Desk license if I miss the promotion?

Yes, you will need to purchase a new JIRA Service Desk license if you do not take up the promotion before 31st December 2013.


Will VertygoSLA still work if I take up the promotion?

Yes, your current VertygoSLA installation will continue to work even if you take up this promotion.


What are the differences in the features between JIRA Service Desk and VertygoSLA?

Although JIRA Service Desk incorporates VertygoSLA, we have significantly rewritten much of the product features, which means that there are some key differences. These include:

VertygoSLA JIRA Service Desk
VertygoSLA supports working hour calendars

JIRA Service Desk does not yet support working hour calendar support

As of JIRA Service Desk 1.1, working hour calendars are supported

Configure SLAs globally requiring administration permission on JIRA Configure SLAs within each project, requiring project administration permission in JIRA only
VertygoSLA support negotiated start / end times for SLAs JIRA Service Desk does not support negotiated start / end times for SLAs.
VertygoSLA metrics start, pause, and end on set of JIRA events JIRA Service Desk metrics start, pause, and end on a subset of JIRA events, and workflow statuses
VertygoSLA metrics only record on issues created after the metrics have been created JIRA Service Desk can retro-actively apply metrics to issues already existing in JIRA before the metrics are created.

If there are specific features that you are looking for in JIRA Service Desk that was available in VertygoSLA, we encourage you to contact our team via


Will there be a migration tool available to migrate from VertygoSLA to JIRA Service Desk?

Currently, there are no migration tools available.



Last modified on Jan 15, 2014

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