Security update: verifying your customers' email addresses

Hello Service Deskers,

We made some changes to help your customers stay safe when they create accounts on your help center.

Now, customers must verify their email addresses when they sign up to portals. This affects new customers:

  • on projects that allow customers to create their own accounts
  • who have requests raised on their behalf

You can set up your projects to prevent customers from having to create accounts, if you wish. To allow a project's customers to access and send requests without logging in:

1. Go to Administration > Applications.
2. Under JIRA Service Desk, select Configuration.
3. Under Customer Permissions, select Yes to the question Can customers access and send requests from the help center without logging in?.

With this setting, your project administrators can set up their project to allow anyone to raise a request without logging in:

1. Go to Project settings > Customer permissions.
2. Under the question Who can access the portal and send requests to the portal?, select Anyone can send a request without logging in.

Read more about customer permissions.

Stay safe!

The JIRA Service Desk team

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