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The help center is a collection of all your service desks. Customers who go to the help center can see all the service desks they have permission to send requests to. For example, you might send customers to your help center so they don't have to remember whether a new laptop request should go to the IT Service Desk or Purchasing Service Desk. When they search for "new laptop" in the help center, they'll find all the help articles and request types related to that request:

Customers can use the help center to: 

  • Search for request types and knowledge base articles
  • See requests they or their organization have raised across all service desks
  • See pending approvals

You can customize your help center to give customers a warm welcome and match your company's brand. 

How to brand your help center

As a Jira administrator, you can brand the help center and the header of individual customer portals to reflect your company's logo and color scheme. 

  1. Choose the Jira icon ( or ) > Jira settings > Applications..
  2. In the Jira Service Desk section, click Configuration.
  3. In the Help Center section, click View and customize.
  4. Choose your options, then click Save changesLearn more about help center options.

Help center options

You can brand your help center and portals to reflect your company's logo and color scheme. Here's a guide to the options in a help center and a service desk:

  1. Language. If your teams have added translations, you can choose a language for your help center name and welcome message. You can choose from all the languages that have been added to service desk projects on your site. The help center language displays to customers when their profile or detected language isn't available. Learn more about translations.  
  2. Announcement
  3. Help center name. The name displays in breadcrumbs when people browse your help center. If you don't add a logo, it also displays in the top left of your help center and portals.
  4. Front page title
  5. Logo. If you don't add a logo, your help center name displays here instead.
  6. Banner. Upload your own banner, or use the default image. 
  7. Banner background, link and button color. Change the color of the default banner, links, and buttons. 
  8. Help center banner text color. Change the color of the front page title.

Want a custom color for the request type icons? Download the source files and unleash your inner designer.

Last modified on Sep 4, 2018

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