Set up customer permissions

Jira Service Desk uses global and project permissions to set who can view portals and send requests to service desks. Think of global customer permissions as how customers access the service desk, and project customer permissions as who can access the service desk.

Learn more about global customer permissions

Learn more about project customer permissions

How customer permissions work

For example, say you own a bakery franchise. You have an internal Jira Service Desk project that supports individual bakeries. You also have an external Jira Service Desk to accept bakery orders. A Jira admin would then choose the following global customer permissions:

  • Can customers create their own accounts? = Yes
  • Can customers access the help center without logging in? = Yes

Then, admins for the internal project can choose the customer permission Customers my team adds to the project. Project admins for the external project choose the customer permission Anyone can send a request, which lets customers send cake orders without having to remember another login. 

Last modified on Jul 20, 2018

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