Using the help center

The help center is the hub of your organization's service desks. Customers who go to the help center can see all the service desks they have permission to send requests to. 

Customers can use the help center to: 

  • Search for request types and knowledge base articles
  • See requests they or their organization have raised across all service desks
  • See pending approvals

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How to use the help center

You might send customers to your help center so they don't have to remember which service desk to send a new request to. For example, if you search for "new laptop" in the help center, they'll find all the help articles and request types related to that topic:

Customers who have accounts in your service desk can got to Requests to view, search, and track their requests:

Brand the help center

Jira administrators can brand the global center with your company logo and color scheme. All the portals on your site inherit the color scheme from the help center. Learn how to customize the help center.

Share the help center with customers

To share the help center with customers, give them the following URL: 


Last modified on Apr 3, 2018

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