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Request participants are JIRA Service Desk customers who watch requests. You might add request participants so they can provide more information about a request, or to keep them in the loop about a request's progress.

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About participants

Request participants are customers and organizations who can view, comment, and receive notifications about the request. By default, request participants will receive notifications about the request they have been added to and can turn off notifications, at any time, in the customer portal or email. If a request is shared with an organization rather than an individual, the customers within that organization must opt in for each request they would like to receive notifications about. 

Both agents and customers can add and remove request participants. Who they can add as participants depends on the project's Customer permissions

Request participants follow issue-level security schemes. For example, if an administrator customizes requests so that only reporters can view them, then request participants won't be able to view the request. Administrators can refer to the instructions in Configuring Issue-level Security to update the issue security scheme.

Add participants to an issue 

Agents can add request participants in People > Request participants or People > Organizations. When you add a request participant, they receive an email notifying them that they are participating in the request.

The following image shows the request participants in an issue:

Add participants in the portal

In the customer portal, agents and customers can add participants by selecting Share. Participants receive an email notifying them that they are participating in the request. 

The following image shows the request participants in a request:

If a customer is in an organization, they can also share the request when they raise it. By default, the request is shared with the customer's organization unless they select Private:

If the customer is in more than one organization, the request is private by default.

Add participants via email 

If you create or respond to a request via email, add a request participant's email address in the TO or CC fields. The participant receives an email notifying them that they have been added.

Customers can add individual participants if they have permission to share requests. If the customer is in one organization, their request is shared automatically. Customers who are in more than one organization can't share requests with an organization via email.

Add watchers

You can also involve other agents or JIRA users to get help with an issue. For example, you might want JIRA Software developers to help analyze a bug that a customer has reported. To involve internal users, add them as watchers. As watchers, they're notified about internal activity on an issue, and can communicate with you via internal comments. 

Last modified on Apr 17, 2018

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