Customize your service desk channels

  1. Setting up your service desk
  2. Creating service desk request types
  3. Making queues for your service desk teams
  4. Adding service desk agents
  5. Customize your service desk channels
  6. Bring your service desk to the next level
  7. Introduce customers to your service desk
  8. Explore a sample project

Service desk customers can contact your team in two ways. They can log in and create a request via the customer portal or email a request to an email account that you have linked to your service desk project. Let's finish setting up the customer portal and add an email account so your customers can easily contact your team. 

Customize the theme and branding of your customer portal

You can rename your customer portal and add a logo so customers can easily associate this service desk with your team and organization when they create requests. 

  1. In your service desk project, select Project settings > Portal settings
  2. Edit your customer portal name and introduction text by typing in the outlined fields. Save any edits by selecting .
  3. Add a customer portal logo by selecting Use a custom logo.
  4. Save the following sample image, and then select Choose logo to upload it: 
  5. Select Save logo.

Link an email account

In addition to creating requests through the customer portal, customers can create requests and communicate with your team by email. Jira Service Desk Cloud projects come with a default email address, which you can use without having to manage an external email inbox. In this step, you'll link your service desk project to an existing email account used by your team. 

  1. In your service desk project, select Project settingsEmail requests
  2. Email requests will be turned off by default, so turn them on now. 
  3. Select Add email account  and fill in the requested details. If you use 2-step-verification for Gmail, be sure to generate an application-specific password when adding your email account details. 
  4. Once you have linked an email account, look out for the test email that will be sent to your email inbox and the corresponding request that will be created in your service desk project. 

Publicize your service desk

Now that your service desk project is ready to receive requests, you can share the service desk email address (e.g. and a direct link to the customer portal with your customers.

You can give one or both of the following URLs to your customers.

  • The URL to a specific service desk project customer portal Give this URL to your customers if you've enabled public signup and want them to signup for accounts on their own. The signup link only appears on each individual portal.
  • The URL to the global portal where your customers will see all the service desks they have access to. The URL is: http://<computer_name_or_IP_address>:<HTTP_port_number>/Jira/servicedesk/customer/portals

To publicize your service desk, you can:

  • Post a link on your intranet
  • Add a hyperlinked button to your web portal
  • Email your customers and let them know about the new, easy way to get help!


If you use POP, make sure the email account you choose for this channel has an empty inbox so you do not lose any existing emails.

You've now finished setting up your service desk project! Continue on to learn more advanced tips that will help you better track your team's progress and serve your customers. 


Last modified on Nov 22, 2018

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