Managing access to your service desk

When you set up your service desk project, you can allow anyone to sign up for an account and raise a request for your team, or you can restrict your service desk project to a specific list of customers.

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Change your request security settings

  1. In your service desk project, go to Project settings > Request security.
  2. Choose one of the options under "Who can raise requests". The security options you can select are explained in more detail below. 

When to open your service desk

As an example of when to open your service desk project, an IT service desk is usually open to all the employees in an organization, so everyone can access it and create requests. In this open service desk scenario, customers can create an account on the customer portal or email requests to your service desk email channel to have an account created automatically. To open your service desk, your administrator must first enable public signup.You can then select the option Anyone can email the service desk or raise a request under Who can raise requests on the request security page. Note that when you open up your service desk project, a honeypot technique is enabled on the customer portal to help prevent spambots from creating accounts.

When to restrict your service desk

If public signup is not enabled, you have the option to partially restrict your service desk to service desk customers and Jira application users from any type of project. This option prevents people from signing up themselves and emailing your linked email channel without an existing account. 

To partially restrict your service desk, select the option Customers who have an account on the JIRA site under Who can raise requests on the request security page.

In another example, for a service desk that handles contractors' leave requests, you might want to make it only available to your contractors so that the rest of your staff do not get confused about where to put in leave requests. Service desks like this one are restricted service desks and only customers you add to your project's Customers list can create requests. 

To restrict your service desk, select the option Customers who are added to the project under Who can raise requests on the request security page.

Managing request participants

You also manage adding request participants on the Request security page. Make the selection between Agents only or Agents and Customers. Check out the Adding request participants page for more information on what how to add request participants, and what a request participant can do.

Managing customer user field access

In certain situations you may want to allow your customers to browse for users (this includes licensed Jira users and your other customers). For example, when using approvals you may want your customer to be able to browse the users on your system by their user name or email, so that it's easier for them to select the appropriate approver. Browsing for users works when the customer begins to type a user name or email in a user field, any matches are displayed in a drop-down list, which the customer can then select from. If you don't want your customers to be able to browse your Jira instance's users (this includes all licensed Jira users and other customers), then make sure you select the appropriate setting.

Last modified on Aug 27, 2018

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