Approving a service desk request

JIRA Service Desk projects have an option to include an approval step, and assign approvers to their service desk issues. You may be asked to approve a service desk request if you've been assigned as an approver. You'll receive an email to notify you that your approval is required, and a link to the service desk customer portal where you'll be able to view the request. When in the customer portal, you can also view any outstanding approvals or requests you may have.

Approvers view of a request in the customer portal requiring their approval

Approving and declining requests

  1. Navigate to the service desk customer portal by either selecting the link in your email, or entering the URL.
  2. View the approval request and review the supporting information.
  3. Select Approve or Decline, and add an optional comment if you want to (you don't need to add a comment, but if you're declining a request it's helpful to let the person who submitted the request know why you declined it). The customer won't receive a response when you approve or decline a request, but they will if you add a comment.

If you're the only approver required on the request, and you approve it, the request will be moved to the status defined in the workflow for the approve transition. If there are more than one approval required, the status will remain the same until all approvers have responded, and your approval will be noted on the request.

If you decline a request (or any of the approvers decline it), it's automatically moved to the status as defined in the workflow for the decline transition, and your response is noted on the request.

Last modified on Mar 7, 2017

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