Using the Help Center

You can direct customers to your Help Center, so they don't have to remember whether they need to submit a request for a new laptop in the IT Service Desk. Simply searching for "new laptop" in the Help Center will display the correct request type automatically.

Customers can use the Help Center to: 

  • View popular service desks
  • Browse an individual service desk
  • Search for request types and knowledge base articles
  • See requests they have raised across all service desks

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To help your customers get the most out your Help Center, we recommend branding your Help Center and integrating your service desk projects with a knowledge base.

Here's an quick look at the Help Center layout:

Customers will only be able to see popular service desks and search across service desks they already have access to. The list of popular service desks is generated automatically based on the number of requests raised and cannot be set manually. Recent request types displayed are unique to each customer. Note that customers who have not yet raised requests will not see any recent request types in the Help Center.

Learn more about managing customer access to service desk projects here.

Branding the Help Center

Jira administrators can brand the global center with your company logo and color scheme. If you are logged in as an administrator, go to  > Applications > Jira Service Desk Configuration to customize your Help Center with the help of a live preview. Your changes will be applied to the Help Center and to the header of all customer portals. For more information about managing a project-specific customer portal, check out Configuring the customer portal.

Sharing the Help Center with customers

You can provide your customers with the following Help Center URL, so they don't have to remember the URL for each customer portal they have access to:

Searching across multiple customer portals

Customers can search for request types and knowledge articles in a specific customer portal or use the global Help Center search to find request types and knowledge articles in portals they have access to:

Customers can read articles directly in the Help Center and provide feedback to your team by marking articles as helpful or not helpful. If customers still need to contact your team after looking through related knowledge articles, they can choose one of the suggested request types or browse all customer portals they have access to.

How smart search works

The improved smart search algorithm learns from past searches and request types raised, so if customers have previously raised hardware requests for a laptop and monitor, they can search for "laptop" or "monitor" in the future to find the same hardware request type.

Your team can also help improve search results by updating the request type field when a customer has, for example, searched for "new laptop" and raised an software request instead of the needed hardware request. 

The Help Center smart search has been built to be language-agnostic and can therefore learn from search words or phrases entered in any language. As customers enter more searches and raise more requests, the search algorithm gets smarter regardless of the language used.

Last modified on Mar 5, 2019

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