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In Jira Service Desk, customer requests are automatically triaged into queues, so you can easily find the issues you need to work on. If you are ready to jump in and learn more about working on and managing customer issues, you're in the right place.This page introduces you to the concept of an issue. You can then learn more about creating, editing, and collaborating issues in the Next steps section.

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What is an issue?

Different organizations use Jira applications to track different kinds of issues, which can represent anything from a software bug, a project task, to a leave request form.

In Jira Service Desk, an issue is a packet of work that agents work on. In an IT service desk, it represents an incident, a change, and a service request, etc. For example, a customer request of "Our printer is not working" appears as follows in the customer portal:

As an agent, you will pick the issue up internally in the service desk project to work on and it will look like the following:

What activity is shown in the History and Activity tabs?

The History tab of an issue records the following information: creator of the issue (this may be the same as the reporter, but can be distinct), changes to an issue field, attachment of a file, deletion of a comment, deletion of a worklog, creation or deletion of an issue link.

The Activity tab has the same information, plus additional information, such as comments. However, this may load more slowly, especially if there has been a lot of activity on the issue.

Next steps

Check out the following pages to reach issue ninja status:   

Last modified on Jan 21, 2020

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