Setting up queues for your team

Make sure that your team is working on the right requests at the right time with easily configurable service project queues. A queue is a filtered set of issues that are displayed to your team. Use your project's default queues or create custom queues to save time triaging requests, and to give your agents more visibility of the number and type of incoming customer requests they need to work on.

You need to be an administrator for your project to set up queues.

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You can set up queues on the aptly named Queues () tab in your service project:

Sample queues.

Creating new queues

When creating a new queue, you can select the queue name, the issues that will be filtered into this queue, and the columns that appear in the queue to make life easier for your service team. Here's how you create a new queue: 

  1. From your service project sidebar, select Queues > New queue
  2. Name your queue using language your team will understand (for example, "Due this week"). 
  3. Select which issues will show up in this queue using the dropdown options in the Basic search view:
    New queue screen with sample options selected.
    You can also select the advanced search view to enter a Jira Query Language (JQL) statement. 
  4. Add or remove columns to control what issue information, such as the issue key and issue creation date, is displayed in your queue.
  5. Select Create. If you have existing issues in your project that fit the criteria selected in "Issues to show", these issues will now appear in your new queue. 

Managing queues

You can reorder or delete queues at any time by hovering over the Queues sidebar and selecting Manage. In the Manage queues dialog that appears, you can see the number of issues in each queue, and drag and drop queues to reorder them.

You can edit existing queues by selecting the queue you wish to configure and selecting Edit queue in the top right corner. You can edit the queue name, the issues shown, the columns, and column order. Note that you will see a live preview of the updated issues that appear in this queue as you configure it. 

If you're using filters in your queues, make sure these filters include all the priorities defined in the associated priority scheme. See Associating priorities with projects for more details.

How your team uses queues

Queues give your agents a single view of the work that needs to be done across their team. Agents can view all of the queues in your service project; however, they cannot create or edit queues. 

Last modified on Sep 17, 2020

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