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Tutorial: How Jira issues affect Assets objects (ITSM)

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Let's start by creating a new project based on the Assets' ITSM template, and include some sample data for out tutorial.

  • In Jira, the template will create issue types, issue type scheme, workflows, workflow scheme, screens, screen scheme, and issue type screen scheme. Everything you need.
  • In Assets, the template will create an object schema, object types with attributes, and object type references.

Since we'll create an ITSM template with sample data, a few Jira issues and Assets objects are also created and linked together.

Create your project

To create a sample project:

  1. In the top menu, select Projects > Create project.
  2. At bottom, select Create sample data.
  3. Under the Business header, select the Assets IT Service Management template.
  4. Review the issue types and custom fields that will be created and select Select.
  5. Enter a NameKey, and Project Lead for the project.
  6. Select Submit to create the project.

View your project's object schema

Your sample project comes together with an object schema in Assets. Here's how to view it:

  1. In the top navigation bar, select Assets, and select your schema. The name will be similar to the project you created.
  2. Feel free to play around with the sample data. Check your object types and their attributes, use the visual graph to see the relations between objects.

  1. Object types: List of object types in your schema.
  2. Objects: Selected object type, its child objects, and object details in the main panel.
  3. Object schema actions: Here you can configure your object schema.
  4. Object type actions: Here you can configure the selected object type, and switch between viewing its objects, attributes, or the visual graph.

Next up

When you're ready, let's get some work done! Go to 2. Create an incident.

Last modified on Oct 5, 2022

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