6. Link your object schema to a Jira project

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You can link your object schema to Jira project by adding Assets custom fields to the right screens. These will let you select your objects when creating or editing issues.

Create a custom field

You'll include objects in your issues by adding a custom field to relevant screens. This custom field will then pull data about your objects (you'll limit the data to only specific objects or object types). In this example, we'll add all objects from the Server object type to the Create Issue screen.

  1. In Jira, go to Administration > Issues > Custom fields.
  2. Select Add custom field.
  3. Select the Assets object field.
  4. Name it "Affected Server", and add it to the Create issue screen for your project. You can add it to other screens, too.

Configure the custom field

Now, let's limit this custom field to show only a specific object type.

  1. Select More ()  in the Actions column of your custom field (on the Custom fields page), and select Configure.
  2. Select Edit Assets configuration.
  3. Define the following:
    • Object schema: Mindville resources (or any other that you created)
    • Filter scope (AQL): objecttype = Server 
    • Type of interaction: Select.
    • Object attributes in issue view: Select which attributes of Server you'd like to see in an issue when you create it.

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Last modified on Oct 4, 2022

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