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You can use project roles to easily associate users and groups with a particular project. For example, you may want to send notifications to a specific set of users associated with your project, and by adding them all to a project role, you can then use that project role to control who receives the notifications.

You can also use project roles to restrict how much access certain users or groups have. Unlike groups, which have the same membership throughout your application, project roles have specific members for each project. 

This page contains instructions for managing membership of existing project roles . For information on creating and using project roles, see Managing project roles.

Viewing and editing project role members

  1. Log in as a project administrator and open your project. 
  2. Select Project settings () > Users and roles.

  3. You'll see all users and groups associated with each project role. 
  4. To add users or groups to a project role, select Add users to a role in the top right corner. Enter the users or groups and select the project role you wish to add them to. 
  5. To remove a user or group from a project role, hover over the user or group row, and select Delete (). 

Since group membership can only be edited by users with the Jira Administrator global permission, project administrators may therefore prefer to assign users, rather than groups, to their project roles.

Last modified on Oct 25, 2023

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