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This page provides some data around the Stash production instance that we run internally at Atlassian. We're providing this to give some idea of how Stash performs in a production environment. Please realise that this information is entirely specific to this particular instance – the details of your own installation may result in different performance data.

This data was collected with New Relic in February 2013, when the server was running a pre-release version of Stash 2.2.

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The performance data below was gathered from the Atlassian Stash production server running on:

  • Virtualised hardware
  • 4 Hyper-threaded cores
  • 12 GB RAM


Load data summary for February 2013:

Type Load 
CPU usage less than 30% on average
Load average less than 3 on average
Physical Memory peaked at 31%

Git: 17.3% CPU

Java: 18.8% CPU


on average less than 300ms

Git operations/hour peaking at 11,000 with an average of about 3,500
Concurrent connections/hour peaking at 100 connections with an average of about 40 concurrent connections
CI running against Stash server

3 build servers with approximately 300 agents

Server load

Git operations

Git clone operations

Git operations per hour

Git operations per hour (stacked)

Concurrent connections per hour

Git operations - cache hit/miss

Git operations - cache hit/miss

Git protocol usage per hour

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