How do I disable the remote create pull request message when pushing changes

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In Stash 3.3, a feature was added to display a message to users in the terminal with a link to create a pull request when a new branch or branch with no pull requests is pushed. This guide will explain how to turn this feature off.

remote: Create pull request for ABC-123-fix-bug:
remote: http://localhost:7990/projects/PROJ/repos/REPO/compare/commits?sourceBranch=refs/heads/ABC-123-fix-bug


Currently this feature can only be turned on or off globally. There are two feature requests to improve the behavior:

To turn this feature off, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the 'Manage add-ons' section of the Stash admin screens
  2. Select 'System' from the dropdown
  3. Search for 'Bundled Hooks' expand it and its modules
  4. Find the 'print-branch-links-hook' module, click Disable

Last modified on Feb 23, 2016

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