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There's more to you, or your profile, than just your name—set up your profile and your @mention name to let your team know the real you.

Set your profile

Are you a Stride newbie, or need to update your email address, change your password, or upload a stunning rendition of yourself as your avatar? Your profile settings let you do all that and more.

  1. Click  to see your settings.
  2. Click the Profile tab.
  3. Click Who can see this? and choose what audience you'd like to be able to see your profile: Anyone, Your organization, or No one. Click Save.

    You can't hide your profile photo, full name, or nickname. The rest of your profile information will be shown to the chosen audience.

  4. Click Edit Profile.
  5. Add your name and position in the text fields at the top.
  6. Add the location you are based in, your organization, your timezone, and the department you work within. Your nickname is also your mention name. See the Set your mention name section below to learn more about changing that.
  7. Click Edit in your Atlassian account to edit your avatar and email address. You'll be directed to your Atlassian account settings page in your browser to change those parts of your profile.
  8. Click Save.

Set your mention name

You can modify your nickname, which is also your mention name, to to be something other than your name—like @rainbowbrite. 

  1. Click  to see your settings.
  2. Click the Profile tab.
  3. Click Edit Profile.
  4. Modify your existing nickname (don't use spaces). You can change this again at any time.
  5. Click Save.

To exercise your right to erasure under Article 17 of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, follow the instructions at Atlassian Cloud: Right to erasure.

Last modified on May 24, 2018

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