Atlassian Translations

The AtlassianTranslationsplatform has been retired. We’d like to thank everybody for all the contributions you’ve made, helping us bring Atlassian products to teams around the globe. Over the past few years, we’ve built quite a significant language base, and will continue to work with translators to refine it, so we can give you more consistent and accurate translations. We will be no longer requesting community contributions to official translations.

Languages we support

Atlassian supports 22 languages across our products. Not all products are available in every language, but we’re always working to improve our translations and add more languages for our customers. You can find the list of languages supported by your application in your user profile, admin settings, or documentation.

Chinese (中文 - 中国)

Czech (čeština)

Danish (dansk)

Dutch (Nederland)

Estonian (eesti)

Finnish (suomi)

French (français)

German (Deutsch - Deutschland)

Hungarian (magyar)

Icelandic (islenska)

Italian (italiano)

Japanese (日本語)

Korean (한국어)

Norwegian (norsk, bokmål)

Polish (polski)

Portuguese (português -Brasil)

Romanian (română)

Russian (русский)

Slovak (slovenčina)

Spanish (español - España)

Swedish (svenska)

Suggest an update

Notice a mistake in a supported language? Let us know by creating a ticket. We’ll review it and make sure it’s updated in the next translation.

Customizing the translations

If you're using our Server products, you can still tweak the official translations to your needs. Here’s a knowledge base article that will show you how. 

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