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By batching email notifications, you can reduce the number of emails you’re getting when issues are being updated. Instead of sending each update separately, we’ll group them together and send you a single summary email. The email batching plugin will be bundled with Jira.

The plugin uses new velocity email templates that are bundled inside the plugin (along with new velocity context objects to render email). The plugin creates emails based on Jira issue events saved in the database.

Email frequency

Every summary email will contain updates that occurred in a single issue within the last 10 minutes, including changes to any of the issue fields, comments, work logs, and attachments. For example, if 10 changes have been introduced to an issue - 8 in the first 10 minutes and 2 in the following 10, you'll receive 2 emails - one listing 8 and the other listing 2 changes. 

Opt in

The option will be disabled by default and administrator can enable it in system settings. You can opt in for batching in  > System > Batching email notifications. However, the plan is to make it a default option later on. 

Future developments

In this version, the workaround regarding adding custom fields to email, described here, does not work. We are planning to support adding custom fields to email in later versions. Note that this is not related to normal custom fields that are in your issues. You'll get notifications about updates to these custom fields.

We plan to:

  • add the possibility to create your own “batcher”. It will consume saved issue events along with your own email template that will allow to roll out your own versions of “batched” emails.

  • add the API to mark certain issue events as a part of a larger operation (operation type, operation ID) so that several issue events can be marked as being a part of the same operation eg. part of bulk update.

The API documentation and the reference implementations of extension points will be provided later.

Learn more

To get more information about configuring notifications in Jira, see Configuring email notifications.

Last modified on Dec 12, 2018

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