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The most important thing to remember is that the pattern has to match the whole path. We're not searching for a pattern in the filename, we're trying to match the whole path against the pattern. Now let's get to some examples:

^.*/(build|mysource|mylogfile|Event2|Script|dir7|stuff).*will not match file "build/srs_build.py" because according to the pattern the "build" has to be preceded by "/"

will not match file "Script-Ruby/Dir1/source/test.rb" because the pattern doesn't match the whole filename 


will match files:


as well as:



will match file:

as it is in the subdirectory and the path relative to workspace root will contain "/" before filename

but will not match file:

as it is located in the root of workspace 

^/(Script-Ruby|a\.bash).*will not match "Script-Ruby/Dir1/source/test.rb" as it doesn't start with "/".

Hopefully this sheds some light on this area of Bamboo. If you have a question regarding the construction of regular expressions, you may want to ask that question on answers.atlassian.com.

Last modified on May 24, 2016

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