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We occasionally remove existing features and functions from Bitbucket Cloud in order to provide the best user experience possible. We don't make these changes lightly and know this might directly affect the workflows and functionality you use every day. We carefully consider usage, alignment with product direction, and operating overhead when deciding to end support for a feature.

We will make our best effort to provide advance notice to everyone using a feature before we end support for that feature. When possible we'll also offer alternatives or point to a new feature which replaces the function of the feature we are removing.

In addition to updates on this page, notifications may include email, in-app messaging, API responses, and/or blog posts on blog.bitbucket.org.

Features and functions ending support

The following table summarizes the end of support announcements for future Bitbucket Cloud releases.

Feature End of support Who it affects Details

The following table summarizes the end of support announcements for recent Bitbucket Cloud releases.

Feature End of support Who it affects Details
General invites May 1, 2017 Anyone using the invitations endpoint without specifying a team or repository Use team or repository invites to easily add new teammates to Bitbucket and give them the access they need.
 OAuth 1.0 July 31, 2017 Anyone using OAuth 1.0 for authentication with Bitbucket We recommend using OAuth 2 as an authentication method going forward.
Creation of new legacy service integrations January 16, 2017 Users attempting to link repositories to other products using Services We recommend using Bitbucket's webhooks or the Connect framework to integrate Bitbucket with other services.
Creation of team API keys January 21, 2017 Teams using API keys to access Bitbucket content We recommend either using application-specific passwords on an existing team member's account or a dedicated account or creating an OAuth consumer.
Redirecting hosted sites from foo.bitbucket.org to foo.bitbucket.io March 1, 2017 Teams using hosted sites All hosted sites will remain available at https://foo.bitbucket.io - no action required beyond updating any external links.
Team-level passwords March 31, 2017 Teams using passwords to sign in to the Bitbucket web UI We initially made this change in 2014 but allowed some teams to temporarily login using a team password.
JSONP for cross-domain JavaScript

March 31, 2017

Anyone currently using JSONP to run cross-domain JavaScript We recommend using a Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) implementation which we describe here.
Team-level social login March 31, 2017 Teams using social login to sign in to the Bitbucket web UI Similar to Team-level passwords, we initially made this change in 2014.
Mercurial Queues March 31, 2017 Users with Mercurial Queue repositories We recommend using a branch-based workflow, or a fork-based one.
Following individual accounts and teams April 15, 2017 Users following other user or team accounts Repository, pull request, and issue following will continue to work the same way. We recommend following the repositories you care about to stay on top of relevant activity. The full list of the accounts you follow and are followed by is still available via the API.

Last modified on Nov 29, 2018

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