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  1. Fork a teammate's repository
  2. Copy your fork and make a change to the repository
  3. Create a pull request to merge your change

Since everyone on your team is not in the Bitbucket space station all at the same time, one of your team members decided it would be a neat idea to gather some inspiring quotes that anyone can refer to, whether they are making plans for the new space station on Saturn's rings or adventuring out to a new solar system! Your teammate started up a repository with the thought that anyone can contribute and inspire. You decide that you have a quote you want to add.

In this example you'll fork a public repository belonging to a user called tutorials.

  1. Depending on which DVCS tool you are using, open one of the following repositories:
  2. From the repository you open, click + in the global sidebar, then click Fork this repository under Get to work. Bitbucket displays the fork page.
  3. Change the Name for example, to myteamquotes.
  4. Press Fork repository.


Last modified on Jan 30, 2018

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