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You might have noticed a new editing experience for snippet comments and pull request descriptions and comments. If you haven't noticed it yet, you'll gradually see these updates roll out over the coming months.

We're committed to the reliability of content creation and the quality of the editor. If you run into an issue we might have missed, let us know in the Feedback link in the editor toolbar.

What has changed and why?

Previously, the only option we offered for formatting comments and descriptions was Markdown with some formatting buttons to help you write Markdown. The field also included a Preview button so you could see what it looked like before saving.

With the new WYSIWYG experience, you now have assurance that what you're entering will appear exactly the way that you formatted it. In addition, you'll be able to preview media and links before saving the content.

There are several reasons why we've changed the editing experience for Bitbucket:

  • To simplify the content creation experience. We've had a lot of feedback about the challenges that come with learning a new language, such as Markdown or wiki markup, and we wanted to decrease the learning curve so that you can easily say what you want to say during code review.
  • To enable new opportunities. The new editing experience opens the door for some improvements that will help your team collaborate better during code reviews. For example, we'll explore how you capture actions and decisions during review conversations, and we want to give you more options when reviewing through the use of media, emoji, and reactions.
  • To create a consistent experience across products. A significant amount of Bitbucket users also use Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian products. Over the coming months, we'll be working towards consolidating how you create content in all these products so that you can easily switch and adopt tools without having to learn something new.

Can I still write in Markdown?

Yes, you can. As you type, we'll automatically convert your Markdown to rich content. We'll also automatically convert any Markdown you copy and paste from another source.

We support most Markdown flavors for things like font formatting, lists, linking, inline code, and code blocks. If we've missed something, hit the Feedback link in the editor toolbar and let us know.

Can I still write Markdown with the Bitbucket API?

You can still write content in Markdown using the publicly available Bitbucket APIs. The format of these APIs may change in the future, but we'll give you as much notice as possible when we know more.

Is there a way I can turn it off?

In the short-term, yes. To turn off the editor, click your avatar in the Bitbucket sidebar, and select Bitbucket Labs. From there, disable the Atlassian Editor feature. In the long-term we'll be looking at making this the main way of editing content - we'll give you enough of an update ahead of time before you have to switch over.

If you do turn off the editor, we'd love to hear why! Send us your thoughts via the Feedback button in the editor toolbar.

Where can I learn more about Markdown autocomplete and keyboard shortcuts?

Press the help (?) icon in the editor toolbar to see a list of all the keyboard shortcuts and supported Markdown auto formatting syntax.

Last modified on Feb 6, 2018

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