What are the Bitbucket Cloud IP addresses I should use to configure my corporate firewall

Using SSH to commit from behind a corporate firewall may require your network administrator to make specific network configuration changes to permit SSH connectivity from your computer to Bitbucket. Every network configuration is different, so we cannot give you detailed instructions. Bitbucket uses the standard ports for HTTP/HTTPS/SSH which are 80/443/22.

Valid IP addresses for bitbucket.org

IPv4 addresses IPv6 addresses


(bound to bitbucket.org)


(for hooks like POST)


(bound to bitbucket.org)


(for hooks like POST) 2401:1d80:1010::150 2401:1d80:1010::/64 2401:1d80:1010::151 2401:1d80:1003::/64   2401:1d80:1010::152   2401:1d80:1003::150   2401:1d80:1003::151   2401:1d80:1003::152  

Valid IP addresses for api.bitbucket.org

IPv4 Inbound (bound to api.bitbucket.org) IPv6 Inbound (bound to api.bitbucket.org) 2401:1d80:1010::153 2401:1d80:1010::154 2401:1d80:1010::155 2401:1d80:1003::153 2401:1d80:1003::154 2401:1d80:1003::155

Valid IP addresses for Bitbucket Pipelines

Note that Bitbucket Pipelines is a shared service and the IP addresses below are used for builds configured by all of our customer. In addition to IP whitelisting, you should use a secure means of authentication for any services exposed to Bitbucket Pipelines.

IPv4 Outbound

These IP addresses could change at any time. You can watch this page or our blog for updates. Our DNS entry is the trusted source of information for our current IP.

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