2 August 2015 to 8 August 2015

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User management changes

Log in as another user

Site admins can now log in as another user to do things like set up their profile, ensure permissions are set correctly, and complete other configuration tasks. It's particularly useful when setting up new users that haven't logged in yet, but you can also use it for troubleshooting existing user accounts.

To log in as another person, head to User Management and choose the user you want to log in as. Hit Log in as user, and you'll see a message at the top-right of the page letting you know who you're logged in as.

With great power, comes great responsibility... Or something like that. Logging in as another person lets you see content that's restricted to that person, and any actions you perform will be on their behalf.

To keep everyone in the loop, we'll send an email to the person to let them know that a site admin has logged in on their behalf (we only send emails to people who've logged in at least once).

JIRA Agile 6.7.10

This is a bug fix release and contains no features. Note, neither JIRA Agile 6.7.8 nor 6.7.9 were released to the public.

List of JIRA Agile 6.7.10 issues

HipChat for Confluence 6.29.2

NOTE: This upgrade was not deployed in this upgrade window.

Administrators can now set the integration to notify users of incoming messages to a room. Depending on their personal settings, users will be informed of new messages through HipChat notifications (changing the tab color, playing a sound, or notifying mobile phones).

HipChat for JIRA 6.29.2

NOTE: This upgrade was not deployed in this upgrade window.

Don't want your JIRA issues to be displayed in all your HipChat rooms?  Administrators can now set issue previews to display or not display in guest rooms.

Bamboo 5.10-OD-02

This release contains an upgrade of Ubuntu stock images to version 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) that uses systemd by default. The upgrade may cause breakages for stock images with dependencies on Upstart.

See Ubuntu systemd for Upstart users for guidelines about potential problems and solutions.

Confluence 5.9.1-OD-62

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

JIRA Portfolio 1.10.3-OD-001

Improved filtering

We've redesigned the way you work with filters to give you more functionality without sacrificing screen real estate. 

Date Range Filtering

See what you want, when you want!  Do you have a large backlog that stretches far out into the future?  Want to see only a portion of it? Now you can!  Use the Date Range filter to quickly see the current month, selected quarters, or just enter a custom time frame.   

More Filters

We've renamed the Completed Issues filter to Status and moved it into the More drop-down along with Estimates, Stages, and the new Date range filters.  Now you can choose which of these filters are displayed on the screen to keep your screen uncluttered. 

See Search and Filter for more information. 






Last modified on Aug 11, 2015

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