3 January 2016 to 9 January 2016

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Team Calendars for Confluence 5.3.10

How busy is your day?

We've added a handy little badge to the Calendars link in the space sidebar, which shows you at a glance how many events are scheduled today. Visit your team's space and see how many team events are scheduled today, or go to your personal space and see how your day's shaping up.

Site admins get MOAR POWER!

As Atlassian Cloud site admins, we have an unrelenting desire for power (over calendars, anyway). Because of this, we thought it wise to give site admins – in addition to the calendar's owner – the power to delete calendars. Great for those pesky calendars whose owner has already been deleted.

To grant yourself this new power, head to General configurationTeam Calendars and tick Allow site administrators to manage calendars.

Quick add for new calendars

There's now no need to click twice before you can add a new calendar. The Add Calendar button will now quickly add a brand new calendar rather than asking you if you want to add a new calendar or import an existing one – just hit Add Calendar and start typing your new calendar's name.

You can still add existing calendars from Confluence, and import calendars (like Google calendars) by URL or using an ICS file – access those options via the down arrow to the right of Add Calendar.

Confluence 6.0.0-OD-2016.1

Add and remove space watchers

As a space admin, you can now not only view space watchers, but add and remove people as space watchers as well – great for when you need to add a new team member as a space watcher. Just hit Watch(ing) > Manage Watchers at the top-right of any page in the space to view, add, and delete watchers.

Goodbye favorites, hello saved for later

We've renamed the Favorite pages feature to Saved for later. This is just a name change; the behavior of this feature hasn't changed.


JIRA 7.1.0-OD-03

This is a bug fix release. Check out the issues resolved this week.

JIRA Service Desk 3.1.0-OD-09

This is a bug fix release.

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