6 September 2015 to 12 September 2015

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Confluence 5.9.1-OD-2015.37

Status updates are going away this week 

As previously announced, in this release we will be removing the Status Updates feature. This includes the ability to:

  • update your status
  • see other people's status via their profile or the User Status List macro.

If you think you might be using the User Status List macro on any pages in your site you might want to remove them. After the upgrade these macros will show as 'unknown macro'.

How to search for pages that use this macro...

 This search will return all pages that contain a User Status List macro (hint: copy the text below into the search field in Confluence).


JIRA 7.0-OD-04

This is a primarily a bug fix release. However, you'll notice that we are finishing the project icons refresh that we announced a couple weeks ago (23 August 2015 to 29 August 2015).

Please note, one of these bug fixes changes where you find the attachments for a particular JIRA issue: Attachments for an issue are now stored in projectkey/<bucket>/issuekey/ (in the data/attachments subdirectory of the home directory) rather than projectkey/issuekey/, where <bucket> is a multiple of 10,000 depending on the issue key.  For example, if you have an issue, JRA-20394, you will find the issue's attachments in data/attachments/JRA/20000/20394/. Note, the old directory styles that come from exports and upgrades are still supported. 

List of JIRA 7.0-OD-04 issues

JIRA Service Desk 3.0.0-OD-01

New in-product welcome guide

As a JIRA Service Desk administrator, you will see a new Welcome guide in your project sidebar. The Welcome guide will lead you through the first few configuration steps of your new project. Note that you can select Dismiss this guide in the upper righthand corner to permanently remove the guide from your project:

You can also check out the full list of issues fixed in this release.

Last modified on Sep 8, 2015

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