7 April 2014 to 11 April 2014

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Confluence 5.4-OD-21

Tasks that fit the way you work

Keep track of your growing to do list with tasks in Confluence.  Use tasks to track action items at the end of meetings and retrospectives, to allocate work in a project, or anywhere you need a lightweight task management solution.

In this release we've added:

  • ability to add a due date to a task.
  • a handy Tasks view in your profile, with filters, to help you stay on top of your tasks.
  • a brand new Task Report blueprint and macro for managing tasks for a team, project and much more. 


In the next few weeks we'll be removing the existing Personal Tasks tab (currently accessed from the Notifications box in the header). If you have existing, incomplete personal tasks, we'll provide a way for you to migrate these to the new tasks format. We will also be removing the old wiki markup based Tasklist macro. Tasklist macros on existing pages will continue to work, but you'll be unable to add new Tasklists using this macro. 

Reducing noisy notifications

We are reducing some of the repetitive Confluence notifications. Watchers of a page or space will no longer receive a notification as each individual attachment is added to a page in the editor. 

Mention people and upload photos in mobile comments

You can now mention other users and upload photos from your device in comments on Confluence mobile. 

JIRA Service Desk 1.2.4

JIRA Service Desk will be upgraded from to 1.2.4 and the following fixes will be released:

Key Summary Created Status Resolution Votes


JIRA Agile 6.3.12

Labs: Enhanced reports — Release Burndown

We're overhauling the existing reports in JIRA Agile. Over the next few upgrades, we will be progressively introducing enhanced versions of a number of the reports via Labs. To opt in for these new reports, enable Enhanced Reports in Labs.

In this upgrade, we've introduced a new chart: the Release Burndown. If you have used the Version Report before, you will notice some similarities, as the Release Burndown also tracks your team's progress towards the completion of the work for a release (version).

The Release Burndown makes tracking much easier though, as it is optimized for Scrum teams that work in sprints. We've designed it as a bar chart that helps you see exactly what is happening in each sprint, such as work completed and scope changes. The chart also predicts the number of sprints that are required to finish the remaining work in your release, based on your team's velocity.

Improvements to reports

We've made a number of minor improvements to reports in JIRA Agile:

  • A "status spinner" will show when a report is loading/re-loading or retrieving data from the server (this is for all reports). A "Chart updated" message will briefly display after the report has completed loading (this is for Enhanced reports, available via Labs).
  • Internationalization for dates and numbers: the appropriate date/number format for the user's locale is now used in Enhanced Reports (available via Labs).

Last modified on May 27, 2016

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