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Log in to Atlassian Cloud using Google

Once you've connected your Atlassian Cloud site to G Suite, your users will log in by selecting Log in with Google.

The user can also log in by entering an email address. If they do this, they'll be redirected to Google to authenticate.

Note: Users cannot log in using an email alias; instead, they'll need to use their primary address. If your users are trying to log in using an email alias, you'll need to change their login to their primary email address. If you're a site administrator trying to log in with an email alias, you'll need to contact Atlassian support.

How to enable 2-step verification

While enabling 2-step verification for your domain is optional, we strongly recommend doing this to help mitigate any security issues that could arise through G Suite.

  1. Log in to your G Suite account as an administrator.
  2. Select the setting to allow users to turn on 2-step verification (Search the Google help to locate this setting, as it may appear in different areas depending on your version of G Suite).

See the G Suite documentation for information on how to help your users start using 2-factor authentication.

Understanding your Atlassian Cloud and G Suite passwords

Once you've connected to G Suite, your users will mostly be using their G Suite password. However, they may still need their Atlassian Cloud password on occasion. Here's the difference between the two passwords:

G Suite password
Atlassian Cloud password
  • Can be used to access Atlassian products.
  • Reset through Google.
  • Password policy is set via G Suite administration.
  • Used to access site admin functions like RSS feeds, REST API access, and WebDAV uploads.
  • Can be reset by selecting Having trouble logging in? on the login screen.
  • Password policy is set by Atlassian and can't be changed.

Log out of Atlassian Cloud 

If a user logs out of Atlassian Cloud while still logged in to G Suite, they can return to Atlassian Cloud without entering their password.

Last modified on Apr 6, 2018

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