November 2012

Changes in this month:

27 November 2012

Getting copies of your FishEye and Crucible OnDemand data

The Backup Manager is now available in FishEye and Crucible OnDemand. This is useful if you want to import OnDemand data into local FishEye and Crucible installations.

Screenshot: Backup Manager in FishEye OnDemand

To use the Backup Manager:

  1. In Atlassian OnDemand, log in as an administrator. At the top right of the screen, choose the  cog icon , and then choose <product> Admin for the product you are in (for example 'JIRA Admin').
  2. In the FishEye tab, choose Backup manager
  3. Select Back up FishEye & Crucible data and click Create Backup.


  • The minimum interval between two backup operations is 24 hours.
  • The backup files are kept in your WebDAV directory for 7 days after they are generated. 

19 November 2012

Fixes this week


Thumbnails do not appear for images with spaces in the name.

AOD-6203 Confluence's People Directory is empty.

12 November 2012

JIRA 5.2 in OnDemand

We've been progressively upgrading JIRA OnDemand with JIRA 5.2 features over the last few months. In this final upgrade, the new JIRA search is out of Labs and is the default search for everyone.

The completely redesigned JIRA search lets you quickly find and organize your issues, so you – and your team – can focus on what matters most. Getting the job done!

We've also implemented enterprise scale improvements, redesigned project workflows, new webhooks integration, help features for new users and much more in past upgrades.

Read the full description of the JIRA 5.2 features.



GreenHopper upgrade

GreenHopper has been upgraded from 6.0.6 to 6.0.7. With this upgrade, you can customize the colors for epics and edit epics in-line. 

Check out GreenHopper OnDemand 2012-11-12.

Confluence OnDemand upgrade

Confluence OnDemand has been upgraded, as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver improved functionality regularly.

In-app notifications from JIRA and other Confluence sites

Wishing you could have all your notifications in just one spot? Your Confluence workbox can now display notifications from JIRA and from other Confluence sites. Follow the guide to Configuring Workbox Notifications, then see the power of workbox in action.

Android support in Confluence mobile

Confluence mobile now supports the default browser on  Android devices (Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich) as well as iOS.

Simplified table highlighting

We have separated the table header and highlighting options in the editor toolbar.

You can now mark a row or column as a table header, by choosing the heading row icon:  or the heading column icon: 

To highlight cells with a background color, select the cells and then choose the color from the highlight menu:

7 November 2012

Today's fixes

The following issue has been fixed and released to customers. There is no downtime for your site for this fix to be applied. 



The default setting for the Keep me logged in checkbox on the login dialog has been changed to be unchecked.

5 November 2012

Fixes this week



The issue that caused Team Calendars in Confluence to be displayed as expired has been fixed.

  • Edits of Office documents in Confluence cannot be saved.
  • Unable to access Confluence through WebDAV clients.

GreenHopper upgrade

GreenHopper has been upgraded from 6.0.4 to 6.0.6. This upgrade includes a number of new features enhancements such as epics and the display of issue count in the Work mode. 

For details, check out GreenHopper OnDemand 2012-11-05

Bonfire upgrade

Bonfire has been upgraded from 2.5 to 2.6. Details of the complete feature set can be found on the Bonfire 2.6.0 Release Notes.

Tempo upgrade

Tempo has been upgraded from 7.3 to 7.3.3.

Balsamiq for JIRA upgrade

Balqamiq for JIRA has been upgraded from  2.1.15 to 2.1.21. Refer to the Balsamiq blog post for details of the release:

JIRA OnDemand upgrade

JIRA OnDemand has been upgraded, as part of our ongoing commitment to regularly deliver new functionality to JIRA OnDemand. To check out the JIRA features we've added in previous weeks, see this page: JIRA 5.2.

The new issue navigator is now available as the default issue navigator for all JIRA OnDemand customers. This upgrade also introduces improvements to the new issue navigator, webhooks and the workflow scheme designer.

New issue navigator available to all customers and further improvements

We announced the new issue navigator in October. In this upgrade, the new issue navigator is enabled for all customers. We've also made further improvements to the new issue navigator, including:

  • Refresh your search results — If you want to be sure that you've got the latest results without reloading the page, you can refresh the search results using the  icon.
  • Know when your filter has changed — Editing a filter displays an menu on your filter. You can save or discard your changes via the menu.
  • See the owner of an issue filter — The profile picture and name of the owner of a filter is prominently displayed when viewing the filter.

The new issue navigator is a Labs feature in this upgrade (see Labs Features in JIRA ) and individual users can still switch back to the old issue navigator at this stage. We would love to hear your feedback on this early preview. You can provide feedback via the Give Feedback link on the new issue navigator in JIRA.

Being a technology preview, the issue navigator is incomplete and will have bugs. For a list of known issues, please see this page: New Issue Search Known Issues.


JIRA admin helper

We've bundled the popular JIRA admin helper plugin in this upgrade. This tool helps JIRA administrators to diagnose and fix any of the following problems:

  • A custom field not showing on the View Issue, Edit Issue or Create Issue screens.
  • A user being able to see an issue when they are not supposed to, or being unable to see an issue when they are supposed to.
  • A user receiving a notification when they shouldn't have, or not receiving a notification when they should have.
Simply navigate to the issue and select the  Where is my field?, Permission Helper or  Notification Helper option from the  More Actions menu. You can also access this via administration console ( JIRA tab >  Admin Helper).

Webhooks improvements

Webhooks for issues have been extended and streamlined in this release. Webhook integration with post-functions is more seamless now. You can create webhook with no events (if you want to associate it with a post function) and validations will prevent you from accidentally deleting a webhook that is associated with a post function.

We have also rationalized the number of issue events from sixteen to four. See the table below for how the old events map to the new events. A changelog is sent with the 'Issue Updated' event (excepting the issue_generic_event), which allows you to listen for this event and check the changelog for the change.

New event Old events
Issue Created  issue_created
Issue Updated

issue_updated, issue_generic_event, issue_closed, issue_reopened, issue_resolved, issue_work_started, issue_work_stopped, issue_assigned, issue_commented, issue_comment edited, issue_moved

Issue Deleted  issue_deleted
Worklog Updated issue_worklog_updated, work_logged, worklog_deleted

Workflow scheme designer improvements

We've made a few tweaks to improve the usability of the workflow scheme designer. All of the workflow scheme actions, when viewing or editing a workflow, can now be found in one place at the top of the Workflows screen. The user interface for the workflow migration wizard has also been refreshed, making it simpler for you to migrate issues to new workflows.

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