How to renew authentication token for the Cloud Migration Assistant apps (CCMA/JCMA)

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


When trying to run the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) or the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA) to migrate from Server to Cloud, the migration plan fails and you need to renew the authentication token so the Server can connect to the Cloud site. 


This message applies to the Cloud Migration Assistant apps (JCMA and CCMA).


  1. Open the Cloud Migration Assistant. Go to:
    1. if Jira Server/Data Center
      1. Jira Administration → System → Migrate to Cloud (left sidebar, under the Import and Export submenu)
    2. if Confluence Server/Data Center
      1. Confluence Server Administration → General Configuration → Migration Assistant (left sidebar, under the Atlassian Cloud submenu)
  2. Click Create new migration
    1. if Confluence Server 
      1. you can click Continue without assessing in the App Assessment popupas we're just renewing the authentication token for the CMA
  3. The next screen presented will read "How It Works". Click Connect to cloud in the action bar at the bottom.
  4. Click Choose cloud site located below the Choose your destination cloud site* dropdown menu
  5. On the Choose your cloud destination pop-up, click Continue.
  6. If you want to log in with a different user, for example, a user with different site/org administrative privileges:
    1. click Change account
    2. Re-enter the login credentials and proceed to select cloud site
  7. If you want to continue with the same user and renew the authentication token:
    1. Choose a cloud site (right below the Migrate to dropdown menu)
  8. Check the Allow Atlassian to access migrations data* box
  9. Click the Confirm button.



CCMA only


Last modified on Feb 20, 2022

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